"THE NEXT STEP GUITAR" was inspired by Brooke's passion of music, his music & his guitar.
As a singer/songwriter & guitar player of his own music & the Canadian found Blues/Soul/Funk/R&B band BLACKBURN & his band THE BENTLEY COLLECTIVE, Brooke wanted to share his love of music by teaching anyone who knows the basics of guitar playing & take them to the next level-hence the name 'THE NEXT STEP'. 
"It is one thing to teach skill, but it's another world to teach passion, & though i do not assume to have ability to teach anyone passion, i will do what i can to share mine & to allow true deep hearted guitar players to feel THE GROOVE while playing...its all about the groove" says Brooke.
Samples of his lessons can also be found here below.


Our aim is to enable the best of personalized guitar lessons while in the comfort of your own home & what better way than by using our most efficient means of communication-via the internet.

All you need is a SKYPE account & a calender.

Set an online date with Brooke & work live with him while he teaches you what you need to know while allowing him to witness  your progress...it does not get any easier.


Go to "CONTACT' -on the tool bar - send us a message as well as your windows of availability for your lessons & we will get back to you within 24 hours. It's THAT easy.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you.

 The Bentley Collective   .   1.647. 701. 2810   .   Brooke@thebentleycollective.com 

​​​The Bentley